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Kids Art Box – Family Monthly Subscription

$45.95 / month

Nurture your kids to be tomorrow’s great thinkers, creative problem solvers, and innovators through the power of art! No need to buy multiple boxes for multiple kids: the Kids Art Box Family subscription contains enough supplies for up to 4 artists.

Monthly boxes delivered to your door. Pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

If you’re using educational funds and need a pre-paid plan, please contact us at 


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Get the best kind of surprise! Carefully curated & creatively designed, customers love receiving our fun, engaging, and educational art boxes. Connect with your child without the mental load and prep time with our Kids Art Box family subscription! 

Designed for Elementary-Aged Children. The curated boxes & art projects are designed for kids roughly 5-11. If your child is on the younger end, they will need more parent involvement than older children do. Many of our customers have kids ranging from 5-17 & they report that each child can work at his or her own level. Projects are both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional including drawing, painting, collage, mono-printing, clay, etc.

What’s Inside A Box? A curated high-quality children’s book to encourage literacy and add to your family’s library.
Easy to follow instructions & videos to bring out your child’s inner artist with ease, and yours too!
High-quality full-size art supplies to build your art supply stash with materials designed to last.

Each Family Subscription box contains enough supplies for 4 artists – we thoughtfully consider which supplies can be shared and which supplies each child needs their own.

Delivered Every Month. Each month we’ll explore a different art project or theme with engaging projects that promote creativity. Boxes ship between the 7th and 9th of every month (depending on weekends & holidays.) During the holiday period, we ship more often to ensure delivery. US Flat-rate shipping is $9.99.




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  1. Amy L.

    What an amazing way to get the kids out of your hair, off the screen into the world of creativity!

  2. Anna

    I love the ideas for extending the project. We often get several projects out of one box.

  3. Angela B.

    My kids are super excited when they receive their monthly box. This month we were surprised how much stuff and well organized is the box! Keep surprising and entertaining our kids. Grazie!

  4. Homeschool Mom

    “I have to say…I really love our Outside the Box Creation art kits. There are very few things that all of my children enjoy doing together; they’re such different ages & personalities. Somehow this kit brings my kids together every month. They’re always creating something awesome and new, the materials and books are high quality and nobody is on a screen!”

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