Insider’s Club Digital Membership

$19.95 Month to Month

The Insider’s Club Digital Membership is a whole new way to ensure your kids are getting the art education & creative skills they need to succeed, whether you’re a full-time homeschooler or a purposeful parent who fully appreciates the arts. Save $20.00 by paying for 12 months at a time!

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Already have a stash of art materials at home? Outside the Box Creation’s Insider’s Club Digital Membership is a monthly online program that includes videos, downloadable curriculum/project plans, and tips to make it easy for parents to do art regularly with their kids! Perfect for supplementing the art kids get at school and for homeschool art!

You’ll receive access to your first project via email immediately once you purchase your Insider’s Club Digital Membership! Purchasing options include:

  • Month to Month Membership (cancel anytime)
  • Prepaid 3 Month Membership
  • Prepaid 6 Month Membership
  • Prepaid 12 Month Membership (save $20.00)

Prepaid membership will renew automatically at the end of their term, but you can turn off renewals anytime by logging into your account or contacting our customer service team.

The inside scoop on the Insider’s Club:

  • A new themed art project every month via email
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Video tutorials
  • Educational info that intersects with STEM
  • A list of supplies you’ll need + what you can substitute and where you can get them
  • Access to the Insider’s Club Digital Membership Facebook group
  • Occasional bonus content: like how to get the most out of a visit to an art museum…
Insider’s Club Membership

Month to Month, Prepaid 3 Month Membership, Prepaid 6 Month Membership, Prepaid 12 Month Membership

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