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Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Project Box


This Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Project teaches kids about the art of Frida Kahlo & walks them through how to draw a face. It makes an awesome gift and is also a great way to try out our boxes before subscribing! This box includes Faber-Castell World Colors EcoPencil colored pencil sets, a doodle pad, mirrors for looking at yourself, word templates for personalizing your self portrait, face templates, easy to follow instruction booklet, and link to the video tutorial.


Inspire you kids & help boost their self esteem with this Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Project! Introduce kids to the art and story of Frida Kahlo, one of the most famous female artists in the world! Kids create their own self-portraits with World Colors colored pencils, so they can create all different diverse skin tones. Did you know that our eyes are actually half way down our heads or that the tops of our ears are generally lined up with our eyes? This project will inspire your kids and help enhance their self-esteem!

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