Outside The Box Creation

Birthday party around the corner? Want to spend more QT with your child? Give the gift of inspiration, creativity and, of course, fun! It’s a present you can truly feel good about. Thoughtful, engaging, and educational, we’ve carefully curated each box to include all the supplies you need, plus easy-to-follow instructions. Feel free to veer off the suggested path, art is all about freedom of expression!

Regular boxes include enough materials for 2 people. Family boxes include enough for 4 people—mix it up between parents and kids!

INSIDE THE BOX: A story to spark the imagination, a booklet of easy-to-follow instructions, and the highest-quality art materials.

Select a 3, 6, or 12-month plan.
Choose between Regular or Family Size.
Designed for elementary-age children.
Boxes ship between the 7th and 9th of every month.
Flat-rate shipping is $9 Pre-paid subscriptions do not renew automatically, so no need to stress about canceling.

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