Below are some examples of boxes we’ve done in the past.

This box was a watercolor project.
It focused on abstract vs realistic art, Cubism, and Picasso.

_linear cubist dog for website
Kids cubist dog style like Picasso

The theme for this box was sharks! The book was a non-fiction book to learn about different types of sharks & the project was creating clay shark heads.

art box monthly
Clay Shark Project for Kids
crazy clay sharks for kids

The theme for this box was line, repetitive patterns & puzzles. The book was Museum Trip by Barbara Lehman. It was a zen drawing project that’s fun & stress relieving for the whole family! This is also one of the boxes we offer as a one-time purchase and as a donation box for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Marker Zen Drawing Art Project for Kids
Museum Trip Box Up Close
Outside the Box Creation Art Box

See what one customer says about our Try It Texture Box!

 “After reading the book with my kids, ages 6 & 2, and taking a look at the suggestions/directions, we did some rubbings. While we were doing this, Our 6 year-old came up with the plan for the tree and squirrel. We made the tree together one day and then he woke up the next morning and wanted to add the roots. I thought that was pretty cute.

Our younger child was more into the pastels and textures of the rubbings. She did a little more organizing and exploration with the materials. I was very impressed with the thoughtfulness of the materials. What a wonderful business/program to bring so much joy!”

Child with his texture creation
Texture Adventure Box Texture Rubbings
Texture Collage Tree
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