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Art projects for your kids can be overwhelming so we provide a NEW project every month + a book, videos & art supplies! Cut out the stress and extra spending so you can focus on what’s really important… spending time with your child!

A New Project Each Month

You save time, money, and headaches! Your child gets a new art project each month, learning about different art styles, techniques, & mediums. 

Not a “one & done”. For each project, kids can do at least 2 or 3 pieces of art, often they will have quality art supplies left over and can continue creating for days or weeks.

Our boxes are thoughtfully curated to include all the art supplies you need so you don’t have to waste time and money finding supplies.

Private Facebook Group: Customers who join our Facebook Group get extra ideas for taking the projects further and tying in with other subjects.

Real art projects, not crafts. Crafts can be fun & beneficial for kids too, but in different ways.

Our regular size boxes include enough supplies for up to 2, larger family size boxes include enough supplies for up to 4!

Each box includes a book that relates to the project to inspire .

Each month’s project features a different element or style of art & medium.

What Sets Us Apart

Our boxes are thoughtfully curated to create a full experience with a book to provide inspiration & enough quality art supplies to create several pieces of art. 

Founder, Beth Herrild, is a mom of 3 who understands what it’s like to put art projects together for kids. Her education is in fine arts & whole systems design. She was an art docent, designing lessons & teaching art to elementary age kids for 12 years before founding Outside the Box Creation. She believes that the process of creating the art, using imagination & creative problem solving is more important than having a pretty product. Our detailed instructions offer enough structure for kids to feel successful along with lots of opportunities & encouragement to be creative, grow, & learn.

Giving back & being as environmentally conscious as possible are both key to us. 

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, responding to emails & phone calls usually within a couple of hours.

What People Are Saying

I’m a homeschool mom to an 8, 4, & tag along 2 year old. I felt our current curriculum was not enough legitimate art (leaned more towards crafting) and wanted to bring in more solid art lessons. We got our first box & my daughter spent 90 minutes working on the first project because she enjoyed it so much. I did one with her and had just as much fun!


Emily B.

My daughter and I love your monthly boxes! The materials are amazing and last for several projects. The books we have received have piqued my daughter’s attention and are engaging. Your box allows my daughter to learn a new art skill along with a bit of information about the technique or an artist. The QR codes are extremely helpful in learning a new technique.

Tina S.

My favorite thing about having the subscription was that it lowered the opportunity cost of doing art. Setup and planning was a real hindrance to our home arts education. The kids would draw, play with play dough, and build things on their own, but as they got older, I worried that they would lose the creative momentum they had as younger children. I was so happy to have an arts option that exposed them to different materials and techniques without dictating the product.

Catherine B.

The Plan

Step 1:
Pick Your Product

If you choose our boxes, we’ll ship them to your doorstep. We thoughtfully curate a book, detailed instructions, and all the art supplies needed for each month’s project.

The OTBC Insider’s Club: same great projects available digitally, perfect for families who already have a stash of art supplies or don’t mind purchasing a few things.

Step 2:
Set Up Your Subscription

Our website makes it easy to set up your month to month subscription! These subscriptions are a “set it and forget it” way to educate your kids about art. A new box shows up on your doorstep each and every month. Don’t worry, we allow you to cancel at any time.

* We also have pre-paid 3, 6 and 12 month plans perfect for charter schools, budget conscious parents, and gifting!

Step 3:
Seriously fun & educational art projects

Connect one-on-one with your child while creating fun, imaginative, & educational art projects.

Connect, Create & Educate

Developing tomorrow’s great thinkers, creative problem solvers, & innovators through the power of art!

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