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  • My child doesn't have artistic talent

    Does My Kid Need Talent to Become a Good Artist?

    How many times have you heard someone say: “I’m not creative” or declare “My child doesn’t have artistic talent” ? This poses the question, is it really a matter of being born with innate talent or is it a matter of developing it? Some Kids Are Naturally Drawn to Creating Art. It’s true that some …

  • artistic license for kids

    Teaching Kids to Use Artistic License

    Artistic license is the way that artists change reality in order to make artwork that is more interesting or beautiful. Using artistic license is a great way for kids to express themselves and add personality to their art! Artistic license isn’t like a driver’s license that we have to apply for, we all already have …

  • Taking kids to an art museum

    Tips For Taking Your Kids to An Art Museum

    It can be daunting to take kids to an art museum if they get bored and start complaining. Here are some easy things you can do to up your chances of a fun & successful experience for all.

  • Art Projects for Kids

    Setting Up An Art Space for Kids

    So you want to do art with your child! Yay! The first thing you’ll want to do is create some kind of a designated art area. It doesn’t have to be an entire room. The most important thing is to have an area where kids can do art without a significant hassle to get set up! The …

  • COVID-19 Creativity

    We are in the middle of a really hard time! This global pandemic is like nothing most of us could have even imagined in our wildest sci-fi dreams. Many articles I’ve read lately are full of economic doom and gloom. Yes, we have a tough road ahead. However, the creativity we’ve seen from people during …

  • Skills for the Creative Economy

    Why Having Skills for the Creative Economy is More Important than Ever!

    The term Creative Economy was originally developed by John Howkins in 2001 to describe economic systems where value is based on novel imaginative qualities rather than the traditional resources of land, labor and capital. This is not just in industries viewed as creative, but rather creativity throughout the entire economy. Based on that, just as …

  • Two Halves of the Brain

    Drawing Brings Out the Best in Your Brain

    I’ve always viewed drawing as a necessary part of art, but it turns out it’s much more than that. Drawing is really good for us and really awesome for kids!  Drawing uses both halves of the brain.  Our brains have two hemispheres, two halves. The two halves are connected by a broad band of nerve …

  • colored pencils

    6 Awesome Art Supplies to Jump Start Your Creativity

    Whether you’re a total beginner who just wants to start doing a little art, a mom who wants to get creative with your kids, or an artistic person who wants to get more serious about art, the art supplies you use make a huge difference. You don’t have to purchase the very best of everything, …

  • Kids at airport - tips for traveling with kids

    Are You Dreading Summer Travel With Your Kids?

    Chances are, if you have young kids, you’re planning some sort of car or air travel this summer. Are you are dreading it? When my kids were young, I would take them to Michigan to see my parents every year after school was over – 3 kids, by myself! I learned a lot about what …

  • Painting of Leaves Found in the Forest

    How About an Artist Date Just for You?

    Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, was first published in 1992 and is still amazingly popular. The book leads readers through a 12-week program of exercises, habits and experiences to help get in touch with her creative self. There are several activities that I found very helpful in nurturing …

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