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  • Gratitude and Art

    Using Art With Your Kids to Help them Express Gratitude

    Art & Gratitude Art + Gratitude = an award winning combo! Thanksgiving is a great time to engage in gratitude activities with kids. Paring art and gratitude is a win-win: Art sets the stage for kids developing the seeds of gratitude, self-confidence and empathy. It also allows them to feel invested in what they’re making …

  • Avoid Summer Slide Learning Loss

    Easy Ways to Avoid Summer Slide

    Have you heard of the summer slide? I’m not talking about a playground slide, but rather a slide downward that kids tend to make in learning during the summer. It is sometimes called summer brain drain, summer setback, or summer learning loss. These names all refer to the phenomena that many children begin the next school year …

  • Art Supplies for Kids

    What basic supplies should I get if I want to do art with my kids?

    I’m often asked: “What basic supplies should I get if I want to do art with my kids?” This question comes up a lot with parents wanting to do homeschool art and parents who see the value in giving their kids an art education. The answer depends on your purpose. Do you want to give …

  • Watercolor Cubist Cat Art Project for Kids

    Taking The Watercolor Picasso Project Further

    This post is for all of you who received our June Box about Picasso, Cubism, and Abstract vs Representational Art using watercolor as our medium.

  • Art, Perfectionism, & Your Child

    One of the questions I am frequently asked by parents is “What do I do to help my child enjoy art? He is a perfectionist and is constantly tearing up his paper because he thinks it’s no good!” So, when it comes to art, what can you, as a parent do to help? Here are some useful tips. First, be mindful of your own self-talk and modeling.

  • art with kids

    Gaining Confidence & Getting Creative With Your Child

    “We are far more colorful, far more creative, and far more charismatic than we know.” – Julie Cameron Are you intimidated by the thought of teaching art to your child? Are you worried because you think you aren’t artsy or don’t have enough knowledge about art? Don’t worry about it, in fact, you are uniquely …

  • Social Emotional Learning through art

    Art for Social and Emotional Learning

    Whether you homeschool or are just a purposeful parent or grandparent, I’m sure that social emotional learning is a big part of why you spend time doing learning activities like art! You may not specifically label it as social emotional learning (SEL), but we all want our children to develop self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and self-control. These skills are more important now than ever!

  • We’re Looking for A Few Awesome Brand Ambassadors

    Are you a homeschooling mom, an art docent, or a purposeful parent who loves creating art with your kids? Then we’d love to talk to you! Let’s create a win-win partnership. We’re looking for a few awesome people to be Brand Ambassadors. We’re offering a 3 month arrangement (with possibility to renew) for 50% off …

  • Is It Arts or Crafts?

    The terms arts and crafts are frequently used interchangeably these days. Have you ever wondered what the difference is? Does it matter?

  • Kids Art Supplies

    How To Create Art Invitations for Your Child

    You know how important art is for your child’s development so you want to encourage him to do more art. The first thing you’ll want to do, if you have the space, is create a designated art area. It doesn’t have to be an entire room. Just a corner.  The key is to have art …

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