The Trouble with Arts and Crafts Kits

Between online classes, electives, sports practice, community groups, church or other faith practices, studying, family time…

Is there even time for creative pursuits?

You want to raise a creative homeschooler, but maybe finding room in your child’s daily schedule for art and creativity is harder than you thought.

And when you do find the time, is it even fun anymore? Or is it just another thing for your child to check off their to-do list?

Even more so, traditional children’s arts and craft kids often fall short, restricting exploration with a small, limiting, and low-quality selection of supplies. Additionally, many kits include non-biodegradable materials, which doesn’t set a good example of treating the earth well for your in-house artist.

The Experience of Traditional Craft Boxes

Many parents and educators are rightfully underwhelmed with the options for art kits. Some concerns include:

 • Inhibiting Creative Freedom: By offering pre-defined colors, shapes, and activities, they limit children's ability to explore their own ideas and experiment with different approaches.

Discouraging Exploration: The focus on achieving a specific final product, often pictured on the box, can stifle the joy of discovery and experimentation inherent in the creative process.

Neglecting Eco-Consciousness: The reliance on non-biodegradable items, like plastic packaging and synthetic materials, raises environmental concerns that contradict the values you want to teach your children.

Crafts, But Not Art: Some monthly craft boxes are Pinterest-esque. Yes, Pinterest is great for finding crafts... but not for designing comprehensive art lessons. Outside The Box Creation provides an expertly crafted Art Curriculum that incorporates Art Techniques, Art Material Exploration, Art History and more, tying it all together with Reading Skills and Comprehension Activities! Pinterest just can't do all that.

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Redefining Art Education at Home

Outside the Box offers a revolutionary approach to art education, addressing these limitations and fostering creativity in a way that is both child-centered and environmentally friendly. Their unique subscription boxes provide children with the tools and inspiration to embark on exciting artistic adventures, without restrictions or limitations.

An Art Box with More Than Art Supplies

While standard art kits might offer a limited selection of materials, OTBC boxes are bursting with possibilities. Each box is curated around a theme, teaching your child about various art forms and disciplines.

Designed by a Professional Artist

You don’t have to be “artsy” to equip your homeschooler with high quality art lessons! Our professional artists are here to make it simple for you and your child.

 Each month, your child will learn a new technique from a professional artist. For example, Brandy O’Neill designed January 2024’s box. Brandy is a mural artist and art teacher. She earned her masters in art education and believes wholeheartedly that art can be a creative outlet for everyone. It’s all about the journey, not the end result.

High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Art Supplies

OTBC prioritizes sustainable and natural materials, providing children with safe and non-toxic tools that minimize their environmental footprint. We are continuously working to make our art boxes as eco-friendly as possible. We use compostable bamboo paint mixing trays and compostable water cups. Our kraft paper box packing is intended to also be used as a cover to protect your work surface and our team chooses each art supply carefully, taking into consideration how environmentally friendly they are and how sustainably they were manufactured.

Engaging Art Projects

Each box includes a detailed project guide with step-by-step instructions and engaging prompts, encouraging exploration and experimentation within the theme. Our boxes are made for young artists of all levels, even if they wouldn’t describe themselves as “artsy.” Your student’s monthly Art Unit always includes tips for modifying each lesson to meet them at their exact skill level. In the past, our art projects have taught students stippling, oil pastel techniques, impressionism in plein air, color theory, and textured collages, to name a few.

Accompanying Books and Stories

Did you know art improves math and reading efficiency? Each OTBC box comes with a beautifully illustrated storybook that connects to the theme to support fundamental literacy skills as well as a Lesson Guide that ties in important STEM concepts.

Multisensory experiences

OTBC recognizes the importance of engaging multiple senses in the learning process. Some boxes incorporate additional elements like scented play dough, tactile materials, or even musical components, enriching the experience and catering to diverse learning styles.

Get Started Immediately

Unlike traditional subscription boxes, your kid doesn’t have to wait for the mail carrier to bring theirs. Each box includes a subscription to our video tutorials, so your child can start their art educational journey immediately by meeting the Professional Artist in Residence who designed the lesson themselves and follow their process step-by-step.

How does Outside the Box Creation help kids?

By going beyond the limitations of traditional art kits, OTBC offers a multitude of benefits for children:

 • Emphasize Process Over Product: OTBC encourages children to focus on the joy of exploration and experimentation rather than the pressure to achieve a specific end result.

• Foster Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: The open-ended nature of the activities encourages children to think creatively, find solutions, and make decisions, all while having fun.

• Nurture Self-confidence and Independence: By providing children with the freedom to explore different art techniques to express themselves, OTBC helps them build confidence in their creative abilities and encourages them to think outside the box.

Inspire a Love of Learning: The engaging and multisensory nature of OTBC boxes makes learning about art and various themes fun and exciting, fostering a lifelong love of learning and exploration.

Unbox Creativity Today

In a world that often defines success in one way, we focus on the power of open-ended exploration and eco-conscious creativity. By providing the tools, inspiration, and freedom to explore beyond the limitations of traditional arts and crafts kits for kids, our boxes empower them to discover their unique artistic voices and develop a love for learning that extends far beyond the box. Get started today and watch your child's creativity blossom with Outside the Box.

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