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SunPrints: Taking It Further

July 22, 2020
By Beth Herrild

Our July Box was about composition & Sun Prints! Here are some ways you can take it further once you’ve completed the activities in the box.

• Leave the objects on your sun print paper for half the time and then move them ever so slightly. I know I said int he instructions that it was important not to move the objects on the paper while you are exposing it to the sun. That is true. But, rules are made to be broken and you can get some interesting results by slightly & carefully shifting the objects just a little bit as you can see in this photo below.

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Effects of Moving the Objects Just a Tiny Bit

• Once your Sun Prints are dry, use watercolor paint, watercolor markers, or metallic markers to embellish your artwork! If you’re using watercolor paints, use water sparingly so you don’t soak the sun print paper. You can also experiment using other markers and/or other art supplies. As you can see below, the yellow watercolor marker looks kind of lime green when used on the blue paper.

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• Use jewelry to make your prints! Items such as pearl or bead necklaces and earrings make some interesting prints. Then, you can still embellish them using watercolor or metallic pens.

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• If you have any old photo negatives, try laying those on your sun print paper and also, did you know that you can get fabric that works just like the sun print paper. Blick offers packs of 30 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11″ fabric that you can sun print with and then use to make wall hangings, pillows, or whatever you can dream up! Hope you all have fun!


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