Homeschool Together Podcast

May 3, 2021
By Beth Herrild

Our Founder & CEO, Beth Herrild, was just interviewed by Matthew & Arial Buza, a working mom & stay at home dad who help homeschoolers navigate the complex & dynamic world of secular homeschooling with a focus on early learners and gameschooling!

Here’s what they said about the interview:“Art education can play a critical role in a child’s development, but teaching art as parents (especially if you don’t feel you have artistic talent yourself) can often be daunting. Today we talk with Beth Herrild, the creator of Outside the Box Creation art subscription boxes, about why art education is so important, how we should approach art with our children, how open-ended art provides an opportunity for creative problem solving that doesn’t exit with prescribed projects or crafts, how to engage our children in art, and what essential tools you should have in your art box. Please join us for this terrific interview!”