Outside The Box Creation

  • Unusual turkey 2020

    Thanksgiving Themed Art from Other Difficult Years

    Turns out tough times make for great art! Let’s look at Thanksgiving themed art from some other difficult years.

  • Taking kids to an art museum

    Tips For Taking Your Kids to An Art Museum

    It can be daunting to take kids to an art museum if they get bored and start complaining. Here are some easy things you can do to up your chances of a fun & successful experience for all.

  • Art Projects for Kids

    Setting Up An Art Space for Kids

    So you want to do art with your child! Yay! The first thing you’ll want to do is create some kind of a designated art area. It doesn’t have to be an entire room. The most important thing is to have an area where kids can do art without a significant hassle to get set up! The …

  • SunPrints: Taking It Further

    Our July Box was about composition & Sun Prints! Here are some ways you can take it further once you’ve completed the activities in the box. Leave the objects on your sun print paper for half the time and then move them ever so slightly. I know I said int he instructions that it was …

  • Watercolor Cubist Cat Art Project for Kids

    Taking The Watercolor Picasso Project Further

    This post is for all of you who received our June Box about Picasso, Cubism, and Abstract vs Representational Art using watercolor as our medium.

  • Art, Perfectionism, & Your Child

    One of the questions I am frequently asked by parents is “What do I do to help my child enjoy art? He is a perfectionist and is constantly tearing up his paper because he thinks it’s no good!” So, when it comes to art, what can you, as a parent do to help? Here are some useful tips. First, be mindful of your own self-talk and modeling.

  • COVID-19 Creativity

    We are in the middle of a really hard time! This global pandemic is like nothing most of us could have even imagined in our wildest sci-fi dreams. Many articles I’ve read lately are full of economic doom and gloom. Yes, we have a tough road ahead. However, the creativity we’ve seen from people during …

  • art with kids

    Gaining Confidence & Getting Creative With Your Child

    “We are far more colorful, far more creative, and far more charismatic than we know.” – Julie Cameron Are you intimidated by the thought of teaching art to your child? Are you worried because you think you aren’t artsy or don’t have enough knowledge about art? Don’t worry about it, in fact, you are uniquely …

  • Why Having Skills for the Creative Economy is More Important than Ever!

    The term Creative Economy was originally developed by John Howkins in 2001 to describe economic systems where value is based on novel imaginative qualities rather than the traditional resources of land, labor and capital. This is not just in industries viewed as creative, but rather creativity throughout the entire economy. Based on that, just as …

  • Social Emotional Learning through art

    Art for Social and Emotional Learning

    Whether you homeschool or are just a purposeful parent or grandparent, I’m sure that social emotional learning is a big part of why you spend time doing learning activities like art! You may not specifically label it as social emotional learning (SEL), but we all want our children to develop self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and self-control. These skills are more important now than ever!

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