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Being Socially Conscious is Baked, Glued, and Painted into Our Mission!

Being socially conscious is in our mission! From the very beginning of Outside the Box Creation, we’ve been painfully aware that there were so many kids in the world without parents who are able or who will purchase our art experiences for them. I think about my twelve plus years as an art docent (a.k.a. …

What If Your Child Doesn’t Like to Do Art?

I often hear comments from parents like “One of my kids loves art, the other one doesn’t,”  “My kids are more into sports, not art”, or “My son just doesn’t like art.” If you’re one of those parents, read on! There are ways to encourage even the most reluctant young artists.  Broaden Your Definition of …

How To Create Art Invitations for Your Child

What is an art invitation? An art invitation is basically setting out specific art supplies in an enticing way to encourage kids to engage with them on their own.You probably already know how important art is for your kids’ development. Art invitations are a great way to encourage kids to do more art. The first …

What basic supplies should I get to do art with my kids? (It’s not what you think!)

I’m often asked: “What basic supplies should I get if I want to do art with my kids?”The most important supply you need for giving your child all of the benefits of a quality visual arts education is not something you can purchase at an art supply store

Art Activities to Do With Kids Who Are Sad, Scared, Worried, or Angry

With so many scary things happening in the world, it’s no wonder that many of our kids are struggling with feelings of fear, sadness, and anxiety. Fortunately, art, like reading, is a meaning-making activity. It can help kids process some of their feelings and begin to make some sense out of them. There a number …

Tips for Avoiding the Summer Slide

What IS summer slide? Have you heard of the summer slide? I’m not talking about a playground slide, but rather a slide downward that kids tend to make in learning during the summer. It is sometimes called summer brain drain, summer setback, or summer learning loss. These names all refer to the phenomena that many children begin …

Why Art is the Perfect Intergenerational Activity

why? Will you be gathering with family for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or other holidays? Why not plan an art project that you can all do together? It’s the perfect intergenerational activity. Why? Well first of all, it’s fun! And some of the best conversations happen when people are all working on a project and …

How Art Can Help You Raise a Reader

The arts are often mistakenly viewed as electives or nice-to-have additional subjects for kids. However, in the past few years, the research has become crystal clear. Art helps kids’ cognitive development and social emotional learning in a number of ways. Kids who participate in a quality visual arts education tend to perform better in all …

Tips for doing art with your neuro-divergent child

 Art engages children’s senses and supports their development in amazing ways that enhance cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory growth & learning but some kids can have extra challenges engaging in art projects. Here are some strategies to help in doing art with your neuro-divergent or non neurotypical child.

Why We Don’t Just Copy the Masters’ Art with Our Kids Art Projects

All you have to do is search Pinterest for kids art projects and your screen will be immediately flooded with Monet-esq water lilies in tempera paint & Degas ballet dancers made from coffee filters. But do kids learn anything by trying to recreate the appearance of famous art?

easy creative ways to display your kids’ art (and why you should!)

at Outside the Box Creation, we believe in focusing on the process rather than just the pretty end product when you do art with your kids. That being said, when they create art that they’re proud of, it’s a great idea to display it!

Why You’ll Never Regret Doing Art WITH Your Child

I often talk and write about why engaging in art making is really great for kids. Art helps them develop their creative problem solving skills, create new synapses in their brains, and enhances their empathy and self-esteem. But why should you do art with your kids?

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