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  • Not just copying the masters

    Why We Don’t Just Copy the Masters’ Art with Our Kids Art Projects

    All you have to do is search Pinterest for kids art projects and your screen will be immediately flooded with Monet-esq water lilies in tempera paint and Degas ballet dancers made from coffee filters. But do kids learn anything by trying to recreate the appearance of famous art using craft supplies? The Tradition of Students …

  • Kids Mosaic Projects

    easy creative ways to display your kids’ art (and why you should!)

    at Outside the Box Creation, we believe in focusing on the process rather than just the pretty end product when you do art with your kids. That being said, when they create art that they’re proud of, it’s a great idea to display it!

  • Mom enjoying art with kids

    Why You’ll Never Regret Doing Art WITH Your Child

    I often talk and write about why engaging in art making is really great for kids. Art helps them develop their creative problem solving skills, create new synapses in their brains, and enhances their empathy and self-esteem. But why should you do art with your kids?

  • Gratitude and Art

    Using Art With Your Kids to Help them Express Gratitude

    Art & Gratitude Art + Gratitude = an award winning combo! Thanksgiving is a great time to engage in gratitude activities with kids. Paring art and gratitude is a win-win: Art sets the stage for kids developing the seeds of gratitude, self-confidence and empathy. It also allows them to feel invested in what they’re making …

  • Putting art into STEM

    STEM + Art = STEAM

    Have you noticed STEM being promoted to the exclusion, or at least minimization, of the arts? Here at Outside the Box Creation, we believe STEM should have an A in it for art. STEM + Art = STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ART and math).

  • Choosing drawing pencils for kids

    How to Choose A Drawing Pencil for Your Child

    We’ve been thinking a lot about pencils lately because our November 2021 box is all about Leonardo da Vinci! We are fans of kids drawing anywhere, anytime with any pencil, or any pen, for that matter. Drawing and doodling are always a good idea, no matter what pen or pencil you have available and can …

  • Want To Do Art With Your Kids But Afraid of the Mess?

    I often hear from moms that they’d love to do art with their kids but are afraid of the mess! Do you hesitate to do art with your kids because of this? I totally get it! My mom was a clean freak when I was growing up; and I felt that her inability to allow …

  • Artwork done by a child at the prison

    Being Socially Conscious is Baked, Glued, and Painted into Our Mission!

    Being socially conscious is in our mission! From the very beginning of Outside the Box Creation, I’ve been painfully aware that there were so many kids in the world without parents who can or will purchase our art experiences for them. Our middle son has been acting since he was four years old. He had …

  • My child doesn't have artistic talent

    Does My Kid Need Talent to Become a Good Artist?

    How many times have you heard someone say: “I’m not creative” or declare “My child doesn’t have artistic talent” ? This poses the question, is it really a matter of being born with innate talent or is it a matter of developing it? Some Kids Are Naturally Drawn to Creating Art. It’s true that some …

  • Avoid Summer Slide Learning Loss

    Easy Ways to Avoid Summer Slide

    Have you heard of the summer slide? I’m not talking about a playground slide, but rather a slide downward that kids tend to make in learning during the summer. It is sometimes called summer brain drain, summer setback, or summer learning loss. These names all refer to the phenomena that many children begin the next school year …

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