Outside The Box Creation

  • Want To Do Art With Your Kids But Afraid of the Mess?

    I often hear from moms that they’d love to do art with their kids but are afraid of the mess! Do you hesitate to do art with your kids because of this? I totally get it! My mom was a clean freak when I was growing up; and I felt that her inability to allow …

  • Artwork done by a child at the prison

    Being Socially Conscious is Baked, Glued, and Painted into Our Mission!

    Being socially conscious is in our mission! From the very beginning of Outside the Box Creation, I’ve been painfully aware that there were so many kids in the world without parents who can or will purchase our art experiences for them. Our middle son has been acting since he was four years old. He had …

  • My child doesn't have artistic talent

    Does My Kid Need Talent to Become a Good Artist?

    How many times have you heard someone say: “I’m not creative” or declare “My child doesn’t have artistic talent” ? This poses the question, is it really a matter of being born with innate talent or is it a matter of developing it? Some Kids Are Naturally Drawn to Creating Art. It’s true that some …

  • Avoid Summer Slide Learning Loss

    Easy Ways to Avoid Summer Slide

    Have you heard of the summer slide? I’m not talking about a playground slide, but rather a slide downward that kids tend to make in learning during the summer. It is sometimes called summer brain drain, summer setback, or summer learning loss. These names all refer to the phenomena that many children begin the next school year …

  • Secular Homeschool Podcast

    Homeschool Together Podcast

    Our Founder & CEO, Beth Herrild, was just interviewed by Matthew & Arial Buza, a working mom & stay at home dad who help homeschoolers navigate the complex & dynamic world of secular homeschooling with a focus on early learners and gameschooling! Here’s what they said about the interview: “Art education can play a critical …

  • Art Supplies for Kids

    What basic supplies should I get if I want to do art with my kids?

    I’m often asked: “What basic supplies should I get if I want to do art with my kids?” This question comes up a lot with parents wanting to do homeschool art and parents who see the value in giving their kids an art education. The answer depends on your purpose. Do you want to give …

  • Making Kids Art Projects More Eco Friendly

    Making Kids Art Projects More Eco-Friendly

    As an artist and a business owner, I think a lot about how to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We’re always thinking about how to create more kids’ eco-friendly art projects! Like many of you, no doubt, it often feels like we are trying to choose the lesser of the evils. But I believe …

  • artistic license for kids

    Teaching Kids to Use Artistic License

    Artistic license is the way that artists change reality in order to make artwork that is more interesting or beautiful. Using artistic license is a great way for kids to express themselves and add personality to their art! Artistic license isn’t like a driver’s license that we have to apply for, we all already have …

  • Kids Felt Craft

    Should you do art or crafts with your kids?

    Should you do art or crafts with your kids? Have you ever found an art project on Pinterest and then realized that it was really more of a craft? Granted, there are always gray areas, but all you have to do is Google art projects for kids or craft projects and it’s immediately apparent how …

  • creativity with kids

    7 Ways to Add Creativity to Your Child’s Day!

    First, let’s talk about what creativity is and isn’t. It IS the forming and implementation of original thoughts and ideas. Creativity IS NOT about being a great artist or an amazing chef, although chances are those people are using their creativity on a daily basis. According to Robert S. Root-Bernstein & Michele Root-Bernstein, co-authors of …

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