Outside The Box Creation

Creativity is the most in-demand soft skill for 2019 according to LinkedIn! “Employers recognize the importance of embracing modern technologies as well as recognizing those things technology can’t do: connect with other people, engage in out-of-the-box thinking and quickly adapt to new priorities or problems.”

How it works

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Corp Mono Printing Box Contents

The Mono Printing Project

You will roll ink out onto a print plate & lay your paper onto the ink to make a print. There are many ways to add color, texture and lines. This box gives you enough instructions to feel super successful & will allow you to be as creative as you desire. People tend to build on each other’s ideas with this project. Give it a try and see the magic happen!

The Mono-Printing Box contains detailed graphic instructions, print plates, ink, brayers, paper, stencils, and more tools to draw designs & create texture. See some projects made with our boxes here.

The Watercolor Project

We use vibrant, liquid watercolors in our watercolor boxes. The instructions are designed to help even the most reluctant person to feel successful, while also offering lots of suggestions for creativity!

The Watercolor Box contains high quality watercolors, watercolor paper, brushes, pipettes, masking tape, palettes, water cups, and sea salt to create unusual effects. See some projects made from this box here.

Contents of Art With friends Watercolor Box for 2 People. Like a Paint and Sip experience but at your house and better.
Corp Marbling Box

The Paper Marbling Project

Paper marbling is the art of floating inks. They are swirled on top of water and then a piece of paper is placed on the water to absorb the inks. The marbling inks in this box are the easiest we have ever worked with. You can simply display your finished products or use them to decorate objects to display in your office. Marbled name tags anyone?

The Paper Marbling Box contains detailed graphic instructions, 5 colors of marbling inks, water tray(s), paper and wooden picks to manipulate the colors.  See some projects made with this box here.

The Zen Drawing Project

Zen drawing is just the drawing of simple repetitive patterns with markers on paper. It can be very meditative & calming as well as fun. We’ve even known some organizations that begin every meeting with a quick creative exercise!

Zen Drawing Box contains detailed graphic instructions,  high quality dual tip colored markers, additional black markers for each person, rulers, marker paper,  & blank puzzles for team building. See some drawings done with this box here.

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