You’re busy AND you want to spend quality, screen-free time with your child. Our kids art boxes are the only ones designed for you to do WITH your child!

Parent tested & kid approved! We put all the supplies IN the box so YOU can focus on spending time with your child!

“I gave my daughter a box for Christmas and she loved trying a new art medium and I loved having all the supplies in one place. This is perfect for families that want to experience more art in their life and save money and time by having everything you need in one place.”

Julie F
Child with his texture creation

Definitely NOT a one & done. Projects can be short if you want, or span hours or days.

“After reading the book with my kids, ages 6 & 2, and taking a look at the suggestions/directions, we did some rubbings. While we were doing this, Our 6 year-old came up with the plan for the tree and squirrel. We made the tree together one day and then he woke up the next morning and wanted to add the roots. I thought that was pretty cute. “

Meilani S.

“Rainy days, play dates, road trips. This has is ALL, in one box, that can travel… or not. My go-to that lights my daughters creativity. Love.”

Cassandra D.
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