Our Story

Art engages children’s senses and supports their development in amazing ways that enhance cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory growth & learning. We believe all kids should have access to a quality visual arts education!

We live in a world where art budget cuts are prevalent and our kids’ eyes are often glued to screens, Outside The Box Creation allows you the unique opportunity to connect and create with your child, while also teaching them about art, enhancing their creative problem solving skills, self-esteem & empathy.

I’m a mom of three with an undergrad degree in fine arts & a master’s in whole systems design. I was appalled at the lack of art education when my kids entered elementary school. So I was a volunteer art teacher for over 12 years in their schools & a juvenile detention facility. As funding for the arts continued to get worse, I left my job in 2016 and started Outside the Box Creation! Our detailed instructions offer enough structure for kids to feel successful along with lots of opportunities & encouragement to be creative, grow, & learn.

did you know?

  • Art students have higher GPAs.
  • Art improves math & reading efficiency.
  • Art enhances problem-solving & critical-thinking skills.
  • Art increases self confidence, empathy, and enhances social emotional learning.

Giving back & being as environmentally conscious as possible are both key to us. 

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, responding to emails & phone calls usually within a couple of hours.

Giving Back & Caring for the environment

We donate boxes, art supplies, and time to several local non-profits and organizations. One of those organizations is Washington Corrections Center for Women, in Gig Harbor, WA. Moms and children have the option of enjoying art together during their visits & children can take the book, art supplies, & mom’s artwork home. We also worked with Seattle Children’s Hospital to create a donation program. Now, you can donate a box to Seattle Children’s Hospital!

We are also continuously working to make our art boxes as eco-friendly as possible. We use compostable bamboo paint mixing trays & compostable water cups. The kraft paper box packing is intended to also be used as a cover to protect your work surface. We also choose the actual art supplies very carefully, taking into consideration how eco friendly they are and how sustainably they were manufactured.

Washington Corrections Center for Women, Gig Harbor, WA

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