Outside The Box Creation


We live in a world where art budget cuts are prevalent and our kids’ eyes are always glued to screens, and we wanted to change that. Outside The Box Creation allows you the unique opportunity to connect and create with your child one-on-one, while also teaching them (in the most fun & imaginative way) what’s so wonderful about art.

did you know?

Art students have higher GPAs.
Art improves math & reading efficiency.
Art enhances problem-solving & critical-thinking skills.
Art improves mental health & confidence.


Founder Beth Herrild is passionate about art. She has a degree in Fine Arts from University of Wisconsin and 12 years of art education experience. During that time, she witnessed firsthand how art took a backseat to other subjects and was approached in a manner too formulaic to properly allow for pure imagination. To ensure Beth’s own three children were able access their potential creativity through art expression, she dreamed up Outside The Box Creation. As a result, she was able to spend more quality time with her kids, while supplementing their art education. Now, Beth’s beautifully curated art boxes are available to everyone—from homeschoolers, to grandparents and parents. It’s time to make some memories (& masterpieces)!

Beth Herrild Taking Box Photos

It’s Not Enough to Do Well, we Want to Do Good!

We’re socially conscious & believe in giving back to the community. We’ve donated boxes to many local non-profits and organizations. One of those organizations is  Washington Corrections Center for Women, in Gig Harbor, WA. Moms and children have the option of enjoying art together during their visits & children can take the book, art supplies, & mom’s artwork home. Now, YOU can purchase a box to donate to Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

We are also continuously working to make our art boxes as eco-friendly as possible. We recently switched to compostable bamboo paint mixing trays and will use all compostable water cups once we have used up our supply of plastic ones. The kraft paper box packing is meant to be used to protect your work surface and we include recycled paper towels/napkins for wiping.

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