Outside The Box Creation

Corp Zen Drawing Box

Our most popular Corporate Box is the Zen Drawing Box. Participants learn how to create their own simple repetitive patterns. Then, they are invited to collaborate in an exercise illustrating how each team member brings unique strengths to the whole. See some projects created with our boxes.

Art With friends Monoprinting Kit for 4 People

Our easy Mono Printing Project is one of our favorites because it encourages participants to try new things and build upon each others’ ideas. No prior experience with mono printing is necessary! See some projects created with our mono printing box.

Watercolor Painting Kit for 4

Our Watercolor Box instructions offer even the most reluctant participants ways to explore liquid watercolors and feel successful. Watercolors encourage spontaneity, quick decision making, and experimentation. See some projects done with our watercolor box.

We also create custom projects to coordinate with event themes. Email or call us at 425-616-3750 to talk about how we can work together to make your event successful!

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